Eliza Clark

Evolutionary Ecologist

Eliza Clark, holding small containers of tamarisk beetles, with tamarisk and mountains in the background.

Hey there! I'm Eliza and I'm an applied evolutionary ecologist. I like to know why things are the way that they are, particularly natural phenomena and living things.  I combine classic ecology (e.g. interactions between organisms and their environments) with evolution (how traits change in populations over time) to answer these big questions. I'm passionate about conservation of native biodiversity, so I apply this framework mainly to invasive species, which devastate many ecosystems. Basically, I want to know how and why invasive species got to be where they are now. And getting that answer involves a little ecology and a little evolution! With this knowledge, we can better predict where invasive species might be in the future, how they might be changing to become even better invaders, and how we can use specialized insects to control them. 

I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology at Colorado State University in Ruth Hufbauer's lab. I am also a USDA-NIFA Pre-doctoral Fellow (2022-2024) and a Sustainability Leadership Fellow (2022-2023). 


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Notes from my desk

28 May 2023 My latest preprint is available on bioRXiv! I'm really excited about the cool results in this paper about how phenology is changing at the edge of a currently ongoing range expansion.

9 Sept. 2022 Updating the website! Lots of cool pictures and research stuff coming soon!

30 Aug. 2022 Fall semester has kicked off! I'm taking what is hopefully my class class of my PhD and I'm excited to be back on campus fully!